Best Android Tools & Utility apps for 2018


Android is the most popular mobile OS, which turned a smartphone into a powerful device. Now, we don’t use an Android device for making & receiving calls. We can explore the world with some best utility apps for Android.

Android platform is the most enriched platform with millions of apps. There are apps for each and everything. Android utility apps will make your life better and smarter than ever. You can unlock new opportunities with those utility apps. So, after using hundreds of apps, I made a list of best Android tools & utility apps, you can use to make your life easier in 2018.

Best Tools & Utility Apps for Android



A few years back, people don’t have enough idea about locking sensitive apps. Because app locking software wasn’t that smart and secure. So, they have to keep away their phone from everyone or they used to use lock screen protection so that no one can see their personal data.

But, nowadays, there are some smart app lockers available for Android. Though some of the best Android launchers, have app locking feature, you can use this dedicated app locker called AppLock.

It is one of the most secure app lockers, you can use to hide your pictures, videos, and, lock social media apps, settings with a password. So, you can keep your private data secure with this simple app.


Automatic Call Recorder

Did you ever say “Shit!” after finishing a phone call, just because you haven’t recorded the conversation over the call? It really sucks when you can’t record something you should, just because there is no developed feature by default.

But, Automatic Call Recorder, is an awesome app, which won’t use your full storage by recording and saving each and every phone call. You can record every call but you can save only the calls you want to save.

You can play and listen to the recording & share with others if you want. You can also connect this app with Dropbox and Google drive to avoid data loss.



CamScanner, one of the best utility apps for Android, can save your time by scanning your handwritten docs. If you are an office worker or a student, then you can make the best use of it.

Just scan the documents you have written in papers through your smartphone. CamScanner will urn them into high-quality JPEG images or PDFs. You can also edit the backgrounds.

This app can sync across all of your devices and you can share the docs with anyone. You can also print wirelessly or fax globally from this simple app. This app made the life easier of students and office workers like you, me and millions of people.


Google Translate

Google Translate, can be your Go-to-Go Android app. You can use this app in the way you want. I use this app to translate other languages into my native languages (Bengali). You can also use this app for study purposes. This could be also your best utility app while traveling to a new country.

You can translate between 103 languages, if you have the data connection enabled. Even without the internet, you can translate 59 languages. Translating from one language to another was never been so easier before Google Translate evolution.

You can translate one language to another, by taking a high-quality picture of the texts or you can use your voice.



One of the most common problems we face in this digital era is our passwords. We use dozens of sites and apps on a daily basis. In most of the sites, we need to create an account.

Creating account is okay. But, the problem occurs when we are about to set the passwords for our accounts. Because, we can’t use the same password everywhere on the internet, neither we can remember different passwords for each and every single website we use.

LastPass, which is one of the best passwords managers for Android, was developed to solve this common but fatal issue. If you use LastPass on your Android device, you can save all login details of every sites and app on your LastPass account. It will store your passwords in the vault to protect them.

Not only that, you can use one LastPass account for all of your devices and all saved passwords will be available on all devices. LastPass can autofill your login details in apps and sites. It can also generate a new password for all logged apps and sites.

Clean Master

Slow Android Phone really sucks. Junk files decrease the amount of storage on your device. On the other hand, background apps can drain your battery along with heating up the CPU.

Slow phone with battery drain is the common problem for millions of Android users. To overcome this problem, Clean Master, work like a charm. It can clean junk files to clear up more space. On the other hand, the built-in antivirus feature will protect your device from malware.

This app will boost your phone’s speed with a single click and will increase the battery life. This app also works as a photo locker and wifi security prevent you from connecting to fake Wifis.



IFTTT stands for If This Then That. This app supports 100s of apps and combines their feature together. You can share your updates on multiple social media profiles at a time, or you will get weather notification on a fixed time.

You can get latest updates, reminders of a task from this simple app. It’s very useful for those, who use tons of apps and wanna stay productive. This app can automate your work, such as, when you are in the meeting, it will mute the ringtone. Or, if you haven’t slept well, you can set a reminder of sleeping earlier tonight. This app is simply awesome.



Turbo VPN

Virtual Private Network(VPN) can help you to unblock blocked sites from anywhere. On the other hand, a VPN can secure your data while you are using public Wifi.

Turbo VPN is a freemium VPN which offers tons of free proxy servers you can use to unblock anything. As you will use their server, your IP and location will change after connecting to the VPN.

This VPN is really faster to connect. Just tap and it will start working.  It’s very simple app and works great.




Kingroot, is one of the most popular apps for rooting an Android device. What is Root? Rooting a device means getting some extra power which is not available on non-root devices. Rooting your phone will void the warranty and some problem might happen if you can’t root it properly.

Though, it seems risky. But, if you want to explore unlimited opportunities, you can root your phone. Kingroot, is one of the most popular one-click root tool. It works with most of the Android phones.

By rooting your phone, you can increase the performance & battery backup of your phone. You can remove ads from apps, unnecessary apps from your smartphone if your device has root-permission.

Note: Try it at your own risk. I am just telling you the advantages. I am not responsible if you face any kind of damages.


Android change the way a smartphone used to be used for. It changed the world, changed us and made our life simplier, better and easier. Which tool or utility app you are using in 2018? Comment below and share your experience with all of us.



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