Best Online iOS simulators for web developers

Best Online iOS simulators are the best way to check the responsiveness of your website. If you are a web developer and developing different projects, it’s compulsory for you to be sure that your project fits on every device.

But not all the developers own an iPhone or iPad. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t check the compatibility of your website.

iOS simulators will save your day for sure. Online iOS simulators let you use a virtual machine which creates iOS environment virtually.

Though, their feature is limited, but, it’s more than enough when having no iOS device. There are various iOS simulators which offer different variations of session time. There are some iOS simulators, which offers 60 seconds each time. On the other hand, a few iOS emulators offer a session time of 1 hour and so on.

Best Online iOS Simulators for Developers

01. iPadPeek

Best Online iOS Emulator

Let’s start with an iOS emulator, which is specially developed for iPad screen testing. Just Go to iPadPeek, click on the search bar. Type the URL of your site and make sure how it really looks on an iPad.

You can also test the iPhone compatibility of your website, but, it hasn’t the latest version of iPhones. But, honestly saying, it’s much faster.

You will be able to check all the pages of your site along with the homepage.


02. App Simulator

Web App Simulator

App simulator is a really fast simulator you can try for testing the mobile-friendliness of your site.

This is not only an iOS emulator. long with iPhones and iPad, it has Android simulators too. It’s very easy to use this simulator.

Just type the URL and visit as many pages you want. And, it’s free to use.

03. Responsinator


Responsinator is the best iOS simulator you can use right now for testing the responsiveness of your website. You just have to type the URL.

No need to select any particular device. Because, this simulator has a wide range of iOS and Android devices on its front page.

When you will enter a URL, you will see that your site is visible on all devices model it has, you just have to check how it looks on Android, iPhone or iPad.



Appetize io

Visit and own an iPhone for 60 seconds, yeah I mean it. They provide a realistic iPhone demo for 60 seconds.

Just click on Tap to play and next 60 seconds is your time. You can choose different iPhone/iPad versions to make sure that your site is compatible with all iOS devices.

You can also test Android browsers too as it has different Android device model.

05. Responsimulator



If you want to know how your website looks on iPhone and iPad, this is a great simulator worth trying.

Just type the URL and press Start Test. Within a second, your site will appear on iPhone and iPad screen. You can check the homepage or inner pages using this tool.

It’s faster and simple to use. You can easily improve the UI of your website if needed, because, you can zoom the page to have a closer look.


MobileTest me

This is another great and popular tool for testing the mobile view of your website. Its free and easy to use.

There are both Android, iOS and Windows phone emulators available on the homepage. Select iPhone or iPad and enter the URL of your website.

Then you can start browsing across your pages to check their compatibility.

07. Screenfly


I must say, Screenfly is simply awesome. Because, it has everything you need to know how your site looks on all devices on all popular browsers.

You can check if your site is compatible with computers, iPhones, Android devices or on TV. You won’t get so many features from anywhere else.

The only problem with this simulator is that it won’t show you the full page. It will only show the in-fold content.


There are much more iOS simulators available on the Internet. But, i think, the simulators I have mentioned above will do the work for you. Don’t forget to let me know, which one you are using or you will use.

Also, don’t forget to mention if i missed any great iOS simulator on my list.




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